What is My On Road Plan?


My On Road Plan is the best way to make owning a car easy (peasy).

My On Road Plan offers an easy membership-based maintenance package for your vehicle.

For a simple weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment, members get ongoing Warrant of Fitness checks, Registration, and Servicing. The best bit? We organise it all for you so you can spend your time doing other stuff.

That's not all though; our plans also include 24/7 nationwide Roadside Assistance, access to a 24/7 Accident Helpline, and Safety Checks.

Find out what most of our packages include below, or sign up now!



Every plan includes regular servicing. Oil, fluids, filters? It's all taken care of. To see our different servicing options, see our plans.



That annoying piece of paper that always gets forgotten until it's too late? Make that our problem - we're good at remembering. You'll receive it in the post before you know it's due, or you can pick it up yourself from any Post Shop (a small reprint fee applies).

Warrant of Fitness

Stay legal, and stay safe. My On Road Plan includes annual WOF checks at any of our country-wide service providers.


Safety Checks

Every My On Road Plan member is entitled to free safety checks when required. It's perfect if you want to get something looked at and your next WOF is a while away, or you're heading out for a roadtrip.

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Roadside Assistance

Stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken-down car? No stress - 24/7 country-wide Roadside Assistance is part and parcel of My On Road Plan. You'll get three call outs each year of your membership.


Accident Helpline

Did you have a whoopsie? Did someone else have a whoopsie that you inadvertently became part of? The nice folks at the other end of our accident helpline will guide you through what to do when your blood pressure is higher than it should be.



I can organise everything in the plan myself, why should I sign up?

Of course you can, but your time is precious! By letting us keep your car legal and on the road you free up your own time to do other stuff. On top of that, by making smaller regular payments you smooth out your budget making big maintenance bills a thing of the past.

It's a win-win by our logic!

What payment options are there?

Currently we can only accept payment via direct debit from your bank account. We are working on automatic withdrawals via credit card and paypal, as well as accepting automatic payments from your account.

What happens if I miss my membership payment?

It's easiest to think of My On Road Plan like a gym membership - if you don't pay for the gym membership, you can't go to the gym. All features and benefits will be frozen if you're behind in your payments, but can be reinstated as soon as the balance is paid.

If you miss over five weeks' worth of payments, your account will be cancelled, and you'll have to start all over again to receive Warrant, Registration and Service benefits. It's not a good idea to let this happen, so if you are struggling with payments, please give us a call and we can talk about an arrangement.

Does my plan cover my repairs if I fail a WOF check?

Repairs are not covered through your membership. We do have a relationship with a finance company, who offer a revolving credit loan at a competitive rate. This loan is subject to a credit review and is not guaranteed.

When can I get my vehicle serviced?

You'll become entitled to your first annual service 12 months after your sign-up date (Bronze & Gold plans). If you're on a Platinum plan, you'll be entitled to your first service six months after your sign-up date.

We can arrange for these dates to be bought forward, but this is dealt with on a case by case basis, and will generally require a single upfront payment on top of your regular payments.

What if I want a service earlier?

We can arrange for these dates to be bought forward, but this is dealt with on a case by case basis, and will generally require a single upfront payment on top of your regular payments.

I've missed a payment. Can I still book my car in for a WOF or Service?

Not until you've caught up on your missed payment. Your account needs to be up to date to receive any benefits of My On Road Plan.

Will I need to pay for anything at the service garage?

You don't need to pay for anything at the garage or workshop, provided the work has been booked through, and is covered by My On Road Plan.

For example, a WOF check is covered, but if your vehicle requires repairs to pass the WOF, they will not be covered.

If you are unsure, feel free to call and confirm.

What if I need Roadside Assistance or the Emergency Helpline outside of business hours?

Please call our regular number (0508 349 222) and press the appropriate extension in an emergency.

Can I get a refund if I cancel My On Road Plan?

No. Just like a gym membership, when you cancel you won't recieve a refund for the weeks you didn't use.

No - My On Road Plan covers vehicle maintenance and management only. To see what's included, click here.

Does My On Road Plan include insurance?


If you still have questions, or you feel we're missing some here, please get in touch!